Mar 11, 2011

He Guides My Every Step

My current workplace is in a mess right now. The administration decided to cut down 80 percent of the benefits that expatriate teachers used to enjoy. They did that without consultation and we were just startled by it mid-contract. I am left with no choice but to think of moving on. Then this opportunity of applying at a newly opened international school came along. My family had prayed for this school to open for such a long time, 3-4 years ago I think. But my flesh is telling me not to because it would mean I have to be pulled out from my comfort zone again, my niche, a place where I feel I am needed most and appreciated for my "deeds". In one of my quite moments, the impression "God is a God of increase" came very strong. So then I had asked Him, is this where You are bringing the family to prove Your words of increase? If I get employed with that institution, my 2 girls can study for free with all the benefits on top of it. But again, we don't operate because of the benefits, we move because it is where He wants us to go. I am really in a dilemma right now. To yield to where He wants me to step in or just stay in my comfy place. To be honest, I am just scared to face the people of that school, having to go through the process again, interview, practice teaching and etc. Major cross roads again. One thing I know, He will guide my every step, if things get bigger for me to handle then He will prove Himself BIGGER on my behalf. :-)

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  1. Amen! Amen!.. Wow! great decisions to be made and great changes too.. but as you said, rest assured God will guide you and be with you gyd.. we'll be praying with you te..


My Verse for the Week

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, where you go."
Ecclesiastes 9:10

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