Jul 31, 2009

Crook Smart!

What is wrong with our telecommunication system here in the Philippines??? Just recently I'm pissed off with their style of robbing from their clients because I myself is one of their victims. Few days ago, I loaded up 100 pesos worth of prepaid card, the calls I've made didn't even mount up to three minutes and 33 pesos was all left in my account. This is sooo disgusting!!Kawat nga harap-harapan man ni ila oi!! And yesterday I loaded 60 pesos again, didn't make any calls, didn't make any sms but they've deducted 20 pesos! This is such a foolish move! I hope and pray that they will come to resolve all this issues at the moment because they won't stop making a dupe out of millions of people when this is not dealt with.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I've experienced it, too. Many, many, many times. That's why when I'll be home, I will change my sim card....


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Ecclesiastes 9:10

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