Jun 25, 2009

"I like you! That's the problem!!

I've been longing to write an update about my family since last week but time didn't allow me to. The weeks past had been very hectic due to work, transitions at church and the move. The hardest part of them all was of course, the move, it's process I mean. As we painstakingly search for the right flat to get, we have finally found one. But the exciting part of the story was when we paid a second visit at the apartment because we wanted to get sure that our hearts are settled before moving in. We met the owner again and surprisingly, there was a Korean family who wanted to take a look at the house, the owner didn't know about it, the security guards led them to the flat for viewing. Normally, these security guard would take a commission whenever they refer someone to the owner for rental. My husband and I were just quiet and took our time looking at all the rooms and furnishings but we were also eavesdropping, sorry about that...hehehe.. The Korean lady was dying to get the flat coz she immediately called her husband and they were willing to give six months advance payment at $550 per month while we on the other hand, had told the owner that we could only pay four months at $500.
The scenario was so intense that we saw the owner so stressed out because of that Korean family who wants to get his nod right there and then. For the owners end, he was "torn between two lover", it's good business for him we just felt. My husband immediately approached him and praise God for wisdom!! I can never respond in such a way my husband did! My love told the owner that it's okay, the Korean family can have the flat because it's good for his business and he will get more money if he would agree with them and no need to worry about us because we can always look for another one, no problem! Amazingly he responded, "but I like you! that's the problem!" We just laughed! We told him that if the flat is still available the next day then we'll take it but if not then it's fine. Then he said, "I won't decide tonight, I will get back to you tomorrow morning". And so we bid him goodbye after that.
In our heart of hearts, there was peace, knowing and trusting that wherever the Father would bring our feet, there His favor will be also. We didn't feel any dismay over that incident and so we moved on to our next meeting. Then thirty minutes later, while we were chitchatting with our close friend, my phone rang and it was the owner on the other line. My husband took the call and they talked. And yes, you got it right! the owner chose us over that Korean family. We were so delighted to hear that because it wasn't us, it was God impressing into the heart of this young man who to choose. I remember the first time we viewed this house, we fell in love with it right away because of it's facilities plus it's just a three minute walk to my workplace from there we asked the Lord knowing the setbacks at hand if we are going take it. The rent fee is over our budget but considering the other options, it's still the best for us because I will be able to spend more time with my family, the girls will have more space and the building is surrounded with mini parks which is really exciting for Thea and Rinnah plus I don't have to drive eighty minutes everyday just to get to work. Praise God! He knows what's best for us even with this minute details of our lives, God wants to be a part of if we'll let Him. We have packed several boxes already and we are finally moving this Saturday! Exciting!



  1. Yes, amen! I am rejoicing with you. God bless you all

  2. Praise God! He is really good all the time.


My Verse for the Week

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, where you go."
Ecclesiastes 9:10

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