May 15, 2009

same same but different, xin chao life!

Having lived in Hanoi, Vietnam (on and off) for the past eleven years has done a lot of change in my family's life especially that of my daughter's cultural perception. Life here is more laidback, people are just beginning to get rich and we don't even have big malls and the fast food pleasure. I would say this is more of a pro than a con. Whenever we go out, we always come across locals who thinks that we are Vietnamese too. There is never a day that goes without it. They would often say we're "same same but different" I guess primarily because of our Asian features. Dealing with culture can sometimes be a pain in the neck when you reside in Hanoi or Vietnam for that matter. This is a place where queuing is not a custom, men smoking inside airconditioned restos and worst-double standard is such a part of the whole system. Sometimes I feel I cannot coexist with this people any longer but God's grace is really pulling me through all these cultural struggles. Do I hear myself complaining here??Not actually, I've gotten used to it already and this fact terrifies me. We have learned how to appreciate this people by letting good traits overshadow the bad experiences we had. Vietnamese are also close knit people. They value family relationship over and above everything else (well, sometimes except for money matters), they adhere strict rules on respect of elders. Motorists here can get way too crazy when driving but when they see you driving with an elderly or a child, they yield which is seemingly strange. Living in a culture not mine served as a sweet reminder for my family and I that wherever He places us, we should grow in grace.


  1. hello te... wala pa man uy :) How I wish..he.he.he..

    by the way, pag email sa ako unsa imo gusto ipa tudlo or tell me what time ka mag online kay aron mag online tutorial ta..ha.ha.ha..:)

  2. Rinah Girl, pangu put! Ing ana mo mg bike? naa cya sa likod na cya ra?


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"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, where you go."
Ecclesiastes 9:10

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