May 19, 2009

a conduit of God's blessing!

When I was just starting out as a believer, God in His absolute kindness provided me with a mentor in the person of Ate Gina Roa. At first I thought that she was way too pushy, she would never accept no for an answer whenever she wants me to do something for ministry or her personal requests. She infused the importance of integrity and cultivating my own walk with the Lord. There were times bickering had found itself in our "discipler-disciple" relationship but we were able to mend them. I remember, at age 19 I already was into leading worship, and as lead worshiper you have to dress right otherwise you'll get slapped on the wrist by the people. The pain that was! I was the first and only believer in my family then, how could I ever convince my Nanay to buy or make some clothes for me to wear at church when she never encouraged me to join in the first place? That was sure an uphill climb for me to beget and Ate Gina came into the picture, she would give me money to buy fabric and pay my mother so she could make me some decent outfit to put on when on stage. There I realized that discipling is not only sharing about spiritual things but you have to influence the whole aspect of a person's life if it is in your power to do, then do it. As I hark back to those times, I just appreciate the way Ate Gina was to me. In fact, just recently she sent us money from Cyprus and I was overjoyed. It's this little girl in me that gets so ecstatic about very simple things that I used to have as a new Christian. Ate Gina is always Ate Gina to me, and I believe she still treats me the same though some things have changed but our relationship, by God's grace will continue to flourish.

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"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, where you go."
Ecclesiastes 9:10

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